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What would it be worth to you if you knew specific strategies that allowed you to connect and influence potential customers at a trade show with class, style and professionalism?

Being at a trade show is not enough. Stopping a crowd, telling them about your product or service, and then getting a lead or sale is what makes it all worthwhile.

Al The Only has been doing just that since 1984. Al The Only can help with the success of your next trade show.

Champion International has been using Al The Only's services since then. "Champion was one of my first corporate clients'" said Al. They've sent me all over the country to work trade shows, sales meetings, golf outings and hospitality suites." Dick Clarke, Director of Exhibits and Displays at Champion said, "Al The Only is our ace in the hole. His professionalism, charm, wit, class and style represent our corporation in the best of light."

It doesn't matter what your product or service is, because Al The Only is an Info-Tainer. He entertains while he explains. He uses the three "Cs" to do so: Create (build a crowd at your booth); Convey (get your message across); and Collect (bring in qualified leads). Institutional Vice President, Gary Garavaglia of Diversey Corporation said, "It's amazing how Al can captivate crowds even on slow days. The way he incorporates our sales message with his magic really has an impact."

Lee Morgan of the Farr Company said, "Al The Only DOUBLED the leads from our previous year when we didn't have him in our booth. The Farr Company is looking forward to using Al's services next year."

M.U.S.T., a management/union consortium based in Detroit, used Al The Only at the "Made In America Expo." Ken Stewart, director of M.U.S.T., said, "The organization did not have a tangible product to sell. We only had a 10x20 booth with literature and representatives, but we had an important message to get across to the construction trades. It was amazing, that when Al would begin his presentation, a crowd wouldˆä appear at our booth, watching, listening and getting our message!"

Experience what others have learned. See the crowds appear in YOUR booth. Hear YOUR message being presented in an entertaining, and easy to digest manner. Hand more leads to YOUR sales team than ever before, when you have Al The Only performing in your exhibit. Don't encounter Al The Only, for the first time, while he's working for your competitor!

Put Some Live Marketing Into Your Trade Show Exhibit

Who are you going to call when your trade show exhibit needs a magical touch? Al The Only, of course. Just ask Brown-Campbell, the country's largest warehouser, fabricator and distributer of bar grating, expanded and perforated metals.

"Al's involvement at our trade show exhibits has resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of prospective customers Brown-Campbell has contacted," Brown-Campbell President, Murdoch Campbell, said. "Last year at a show one individual confessed he probably would not have stopped at our display if it were not for Al's performance. That contact later gave us a significant order. With Al, we plan to capture a greater market share for our company."

Find out how Al The Only can help you at your next show by calling us today.